Never Lose Anything Important Again

XY3 and XY GPS Finders use Bluetooth and GPS technology respectively to help find lost or misplaced items quickly and easily. Using the XY GPS, track what's important.

Near or Far: Monitor, Track, and Find It!
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With its on-board GPS and cellular connections, the XY GPS gives you up-to-the-minute tracking information from virtually anywhere. Plus, thanks to its recharable battery and a combination of cellular and Bluetooth LE connectivity, the XY GPS is perfect for monitoring shipments, keeping tabs on your pets, locating your luggage when it doesn't get on the plane with you, or finding your car or bicycle.

The XY3 is a 3rd Generation Bluetooth Item Finder that lets you use your phone to find lost or misplaced things. Attach an XY3 to the things you lose the most - your keys, the remote, or the kids' backpacks - and find them in seconds. Lost your phone? The XY3 can make it ring, even on silent.

Learn how XY helps find what is important.

Mom uses XY before She Loses It!

The XY3 is the perfect little helper for this busy mom to keep her on schedule for the day by always being able to help her quickly find her keys and get her out the door fast onto the next errand!

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New XY-GPS Tracker Available for Pre-Order

The XY-GPS, a compact, GPS tracker, will help you track and locate what's important to you. Set alerts to tell you when something moves from where it should be. A limited supply is currently available, so if you'd like to get yours before your friends, pre-order now!

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Gripping XY Story

XY3 beacons help keep track of gripping and lighting equipment for leading production companies. Whether you are keeping track of expensive cameras, simple props or lighting stands, an XY Findables product can help track your things.

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