With 6 Month Service Plan $99.00, With 12 Month Service Plan $119.00, With Lifetime Service Plan $199.00
*After cellular/gps subscription plan ends, cost is $5/month. No additional fees for Lifetime subscription.
Track and find your luggage, dog, car, and more.

The XY GPS can track whatever you need wherever in the world it may be. Attach to luggage, put on large pets, keep in your car, or anything in between and the XY GPS can help you find it by just checking a map on the XY Find It app or online with the website.

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$25.00 (Single), $20 each (2-5), $15 each (6+)
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Find your misplaced keys, backpack, phone, purse, and more.

The XY3 is a 3rd Generation Bluetooth Item Finder that lets you use your phone to find lost or misplaced items. Attach an XY3 to the things you misplace the most - your keys, the remote, or the kid's backpacks - and find them in seconds. Lost your phone? The XY3 can make it ring, even when set to silent.

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XY Battery
$5.99 (5 Pack)

With these Lithium CR2032 batteries, the XY3 batteries can be replaced to keep them working for years. The CR2032 battery is a very standard size and can be used for a variety of different products as well.


With our strong and stylish keychain, you can attach your XY Findables' tracker to your bike, your backpack, your suitcase or virtually anything else!

$0.99 (5-pack)

Our double-sided adhesives allow you to stick your XY finder on virtually any flat surface from your laptop to your remote.

Gift Box

Our gift boxes are great for individually packaged XY3 beacons that can be individually shipped right in the box making an XY3 finder and easy gift.

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