Mechanic Took My Car for a Joyride

I have put a lot of work into customizing my car and I love it. The only downfall is that it can get very expensive! I wanted to get some new high-performance shocks put on my car, but my regular shop wanted so much money to install them. I decided to shop around and found a cheaper alternative.

I had my XY GPS plugged into my car’s USB port in the back seat and had it nicely tucked away under the floor carpets closest to the driver’s side seat, so I can always see that it’s where it’s supposed to be. I’m a bit paranoid and always want to make sure it’s always where I last left it.

I dropped my car off in the early morning and was going to pick it up after work. An hour later and out of curiosity, I checked my XY Find It app to see where my car was. It was still at the shop as expected. I checked again at lunch and it was 27 miles from the shop. I did a little research, and it looked like my car was parked at a nice restaurant. My assumption was someone wanted to go out and pretend that my car was theirs! I went to the shop immediately and had a talk with the manager.

In the end, I got my shocks replaced without any labor costs. They didn’t want any bad reviews out there about joyriding customer’s cars. Next time, they better be careful, because they never know if someone has an XY GPS in their car!

Robert Z

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