XY GPS - Moving Truck Tracking

I really hate it when I'm waiting for a delivery or repair person and they give some large window of time. It makes my days stressful and I am unable to plan anything else. When we were moving from California to Texas, the moving people wouldn't even give me the exact day that my things would arrive at my new home. My husband had just bought an XY GPS tracker and thought it would be a fun experiment to see where the truck was at certain points in time.

We set the XY GPS to less frequent polling to save energy because we didn't want to attach it to a power bank. I taped it up in one of our moving boxes with the kitchenware. We started our drive and noticed that the moving truck’s first stop was a restaurant in an industrial park. I didn’t mind, but I thought it was funny that they had no idea that I knew.

Anyway, it worked out well. We could tell when the truck was only a few miles from our city and then a few miles from the house. We could run errands knowing the truck was going to be a little while yet. What a fun purchase the XY GPS turned out to be!

Jamie N

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