GPS Track of My Cross Country Bike Ride

Earlier this month, I did a charity bike ride across the country. Since it was a charity event and not a race, I was pretty much in charge of my own nourishment, bike maintenance and my way back. My plan was to have my wife meet me at certain points of the ride to help me get food and bring me any replacement bike parts I might need. I also wanted her to have a general idea of where I was as it was both a safety and logistics concern for us.

I had bought a couple of the XY GPS trackers and thought they would be a wonderful way for my wife to monitor my location. They worked great for this purpose. I strapped it to my road bike seat with a Velcro contraption I rigged. It definitely didn’t add much weight to my ride! My wife could get a good idea of when I was going to hit the pre-planned pitstops. She knew exactly when to start keeping her eyes open for me.

Luckily, I didn’t have any major bike issues where she would have had to find me out on the road, but with the XY GPS, I’m sure she would have easily been able to pinpoint me with her phone and the App.

Simon L

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